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Berkshire Hathaway, the holdings company that Warren Buffett helps run, has some very clear favorites when it comes to stocks. In fact, about 58 percent of the over $100 billion in holdings is in just four different stocks.

Wells Fargo is the company’s top holding right now. They are the largest bank in the United States, and now that the financial crisis is well behind us, they are continuing to grow in size. Over the past year, they’ve increased in price by about 25 percent. There has been some ups and downs during this time, but the general trend has been upward. For both investors and short term traders alike, this is a good thing. It shows predictability, and it show long term promise. These things appeal to everyone.

Taking advantage of this is really easy. When the stock is in a confirmed uptrend, even day traders can profit off of this most of the time since the stock is so predictable right now. Binary traders especially can profit, and because the stakes are low here with high profits, it is an easy way to supplement your other positions--even in a very short term such as with 5 minute timeframes if you wish to do this. ...continue reading

Believe it or not, the environment plays a strong role within the financial markets. You can look at how markets react to weather conditions in two ways: with extreme examples or basic examples. Both actually have quite a profound impact, although one type we only see a few times per year while the other is ongoing. And both can give you big opportunities to make a profit if you are well versed in how these things influence market prices.
Weather Plays a Role
Let’s start with looking at some more extreme situations. This would cover things like Hurricane Sandy and Katrina, earthquakes, and typhoons. The severity of these events and the location of where they occur also can have an effect upon market conditions. For example, when Sandy hit the New Jersey Shore and Manhattan, the immediate impact was huge and very negative. ...continue reading

Currency investing has ceased being exclusive to the only the most sophisticated of traders. Individual investors now have access to a plethora of ways to gain exposure to currencies, and there are plenty of excellent reasons for doing so. From Forex to binary options and more, never have their been so many ways to profit from currency pairs.

As part of a strong and diverse investment portfolio, currencies work to offset the risk related to stocks, bonds, and various other types of investment. Global bond funds and specific currency funds are suitable for most investors. A riskier direction consists of more direct investment using investment tools, such as purchasing currency futures. Consider the following information prior to stepping into the currency investment arena: ...continue reading

Expert investors are noticing a distinct trend for the early portion of February. Right now, many traders and investors are taking their cash out of stocks and putting them into bonds of various lengths of time. This is mostly do to the very rough January for many stocks. However, the binary options trader really doesn’t have this as a choice since bonds are not offered in this trading format. Instead, there is a very obvious solution that will help you to make money because of this occurrence. Let’s look at this in a bit of detail so that you can more easily formulate your own plan.

Where to put the moneyWhat happens when stocks are sold, on an economic level? If you remember the law of supply and demand, you will know that selling something shows that your demand for it is low. low demand equals lower prices. So a mass sell off of a stock makes prices go lower. And this makes long term stockholders very worried. So instead of buying and holding, you need to take an alternate approach, and this is where binary options become superior. Here, you can trade the down side of things with put options at no extra cost to you. Since there is no ownership involved in binaries, you can profit just as easily when a stock goes down as you would when it goes up.

This is a lot easier said than done. For one, how do you assess this in real time? If you are just a passive reader of the news, you are probably learning about this several days too late in order to take advantage of the situation. However, you don’t have to put yourself in this situation. One easy way to see what’s going on in the markets is to follow the big traders. That means the institutional traders such as major banks and fund managers. Keeping tabs on these big players in the game will let you know exactly what the most educated professionals in the financial industry are doing and where they are putting their money. The residual effect is that even if they are incorrect--and they sometimes are--the huge amounts of money that they are moving will inevitably change prices to some degree, even if it is not long-lived.

These are powerful methods at market predictions, but the problem is that they are only at their most effective when you are executing very short term oriented trades. Luckily, this is a perfect scenario for binary options traders. The bounce that occurs here effectively makes it so when institutional money is pumped into a stock, the demand goes up, thus driving up prices. However, this doesn’t happen for long sometimes. Only the very best day traders can make a good living off of chasing this steam. But that can be very expensive, and mistakes are costly. Binaries eliminate a lot of this risk and make it much more accessible to the general public and the small time trader.

Furthermore, you can be a bit more choosy with your trade placement when you’re doing binary trading. For example, you don’t have to throw money at a small company that might not do anything. You have fewer choices in a binary options broker, but honestly, this can be a good thing. Instead of having virtually a limitless array of possibilities, you can choose from just the biggest and most popular companies and indices. It narrows your scope, but it also forces you to choose only the very best trades. If you use this limitation right, it can help you much more than hinder you.